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LED Technology     

NiteTime Decor is proud to be on the cutting edge of environmentally-conscious lighting with our LED lighting systems. LED landscape lights are highly efficient, using 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. Because they don’t produce waste energy in the form of excess heat, these bulbs also prevent the fixture and lens from overheating.

LED lights have no moving parts or fragile filaments to break. They’re durable and resistant to shock, impact and other forces that could damage a standard light. They also contain no mercury or other environmentally-hazardous materials.

Energy-efficient LED lamps do require a larger initial investment than incandescent lamps. However, the savings on energy, bulb replacement & maintenance, and cost over the life of the lamps more than make up for the initial cost.

In addition to saving energy, an LED system also saves money when it comes to replacing lamps. LED lamps last 20 times longer than incandescent varieties, and NiteTime Decor LED lamps are under warranty for seven years, rather than one year like traditional incandescent lamps. We design a beautiful, LED system tailored to meet your needs. This ensures you don’t just create a beautiful outdoor space. You help create a beautiful planet.

St. Louis Nitetime Decor Provides Oustanding Commerical & Residential Lighting SystemsLight It – NTD Lamps

The Lamp does the lighting, thus it is critical to use the best quality product to achieve the optimum results. Our LED lamps use only CREE LED Chips. We stock PAR 36, MR 16, MR11, and Bi-pin LED retro lamps with wattage and beam spread options. Furthermore, we stock a complete selection of incandescent lamps in a variety of wattages and beam spreads to meet your application.

St. Louis Nitetime Decor Provides Oustanding Commerical & Residential Lighting System InstallationInstall It – NTD Installation Accessories

A landscape lighting installation is only as good as its weakest point. That’s why Nite Time Decor uses only the finest in installation tools and accessories. Each component we use has been selected or developed based on our years of field experience—we know what it takes to assemble a high-performance landscape lighting system that will last for years.

St. Louis Nitetime Decor Provides Oustanding Commerical & Residential Lighting Power SystemsPower It – NTD Transformers

The transformer serves as the ‘heartbeat’ of the landscape lighting system. Our transformers are designed for performance—constructed of the most durable materials with the most efficient operation. We carry transformers that are suited for today’s LED projects as well as larger transformers designed for big installations.

St. Louis Nitetime Decor Provides Oustanding Commerical & Residential Lighting Control SystemsControl It – NTD Controllers

Automation of your landscape lighting system creates convenience and cost savings for you—your system can be set to turn on and off whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about it. We carry a selection of the most technologically-advanced controllers in the industry, which can be incorporated into your landscape lighting system quickly and efficiently.

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Servicing St Louis Metro

Phone: 314-499-9505

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